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Cambium cnMaestro PTP 550 C050055H001A Connectorized 5GHz FCC (US Line Cord)



Cambium PTP 550 Connectorized 5GHz 802.11ac Point to Point Up to 122 miles Wave2 with US Line Cord FCC

Cambium Network is excited to introduce our latest Point-to-Point Gigabit throughput solution based on 802.11 ac Wave 2 operating in 5 GHz wireless space, which addresses the gigabit capacity need for high-speed backhaul solutions for mid-range and long-range applications. The PTP 550 solution draws its attributes from Cambium's Point-to-Point product portfolios such as PTP 650/670 and PTP 450i.

Metal Housing

  • Each PTP 550 comes with IP66/67 Metal enclosure, which protects the radio from extreme conditions and solar radiation.

Antenna Alignment

  • Using GUI e-alignment on the radio, the PTP 550 provides an accurate and reliable way to install the radio.

Channel Bonding

  • Each channel can have independent channel bandwidth that provides for flexibility in channel selection, band selection, and address throughput requirements. Using two 80 MHz channels the PTP 550 achieves 1.36 Gbps.

Dynamic Spectrum Optimization (DSO)

  • With Dynamic Spectrum Optimization, PTP 550 systems are constantly optimizing the channel of operation to maximize link reliability and performance. Based on the environment the PTP 550 can be set to move or search better spectrum. As a result, customers can get more throughput with a limited spectrum in even the most challenging environments.


  • 5.150 to 5.950 GHz
  • Up to 1.36 Gbps
  • Built in Live Spectrum analyzer
  • IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack management support
  • AES 128 Encryption
  • LINKPlanner Support
  • cnMaestro Support
  • ARQ Support
  • In Roadmap

*Connectorized: operate with a selection of separately-purchased single- and dual-polarity antennas through 2 x N-type female connectors

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