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HALNy XGS-PON ONU with 10GB SFP+ port and embedded chipset (XGS-PON STICK)



HLX-SFPX - XGS-PON ONU with 10GB SFP+ port and embedded chipset (XGS-PON STICK)

XGSPON Optical Network Unit products are designed for operators and service providers who seek advantage from the expanded capacity of a fiber access network.

HLX-SFPX is a XGSPON ONU that acts as XGSPON Demarcation Device and is designed to provide affordable access to FTTH networks for Business and Residential use. HLX-SFPX design enable operators to use CPE or other network device with SFP+ port as ONU.

All products within the XGSPON family are compliant to current ITU-T standards for 10Gbit passive optical networks (XGSPON). The solution is designed to optimize the deployment and roll-out of the service provider. The products use a single fiber to connect individual homes and businesses to the network for broadband services up to 9.953Gb speeds.
The flexible product design enables a variety of product features and available interfaces. All units have Layer 2 functionality by default. This includes advanced support for L2 VLANs, L2 QoS and Multicast IGMP.

The ONU products are tested and have proven interoperability with most major XGSPON OLT Vendors. HALNy specializes in cost-effective designs, and works closely with service providers to improve their business case through a comprehensive range of standard products, supporting the industry’s common demands. HALNy also provides custom designs and services to meet unique customer needs.

The network interface is compliant to ITU-T G.984.5 to provide 9.953Gb/s downstream and 9.953Gb/s upstream. LAN interface allow to provide 10Gigabit service.

Technical Description

  • Product code: HLX-SFPX
      • WAN Port:
        • XGSPON Class N2 Port (SC/APC)
          • Rx sensitivity -27dBm / Rx overload -8dBm
          • Tx power +4 ~ +9dBm
      • WAN Port Speed: XGSPON: 9.953Gbps/9.953Gbpc (DS/US)
      • LAN Port:    
        • SFP+ form-factor,
        • SFI/SGMII supporting 10G/2.5G/1G speeds (*)
      • Flash Memory: 1Gb
      • Power Voltage: According to SFP+ MSA
      • Power Consumption: According to SFP+ MSA
      • Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 70 C or -40 to +85 C (for I-Temp module)
      • Storage Temp.:  -40 ~ 85 C
      • Operating Humidity: 5~70 % (non-condensing)
      • XGS-PON: 
        • ITU-T G.9807.1 Compliant
        • ITU-T G.988 Compliant (OMCI Model)
        • Dying gasp
        • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation
        • Downstream and upstream data Security (AES Encryption)    
        • Forward Error Correction (FEC)
      • Qos:
        • Ingress / Egress Rate Limiting
        • Packet Classification based on COS, DSCP
      • Multicast: IGMP Snooping
      • L3: IP HOST for remote managemen
      • L2: 
        • IEEE 802.1D Bridging
        • IEEE 802.1Q and IEEE 802.1P compliant
        • VLAN Translation
        • VLAN Filter
        • Access | Trunk | Native port
        • Storm-Control
        • QinQ (transparent and begin/end of tunnel)

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