Iuron FIG8 Figure 8 G.652.D GYFTC8Y Unarmored Fiber Optic Cable 048Core 4 KM



IU-ODN-CAB-FIG8-048-4KM - Iuron FIG8 Figure 8 G.652.D GYFTC8Y Unarmored Fiber Optic Cable 048 Core 4 KM

The IU-ODN-CAB-FIG8-048-4KM is a high-performance, unarmored fiber optic cable designed for various optical network applications. This cable features robust construction with water-resistant filling compounds and a non-metallic central strength member, ensuring reliable performance in self-supporting aerial installations.

The fibers, either of single-mode or multimode type, are placed in a loose tube made of high modulus plastic. The tubes inside are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. A center member locates in the center of core as a non- metallic strength member. The tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular cable core. Water blocking yarn and water blocking tape to protect cable from water. This part of cable accompanied with the stranded wires as the supporting part are completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath to be figure 8 structure. This kind of cable is specifically applied for self-supporting aerial installation, ripcord under the sheath.


  • Accurate fiber excess length ensures good performance of tensile strength and temperature.
  • High strength loose tube, hydrolysis resistant, with special tube filling compound for critical fiber protection.
  • FRP as the central strength member.
  • Water blocking yarn and tape protect the cable from water.
  • 100% cable core filling.


  • This specification covers the general requirements of Figure 8 self-supporting cable for aerial installations.

Technical Description

  • Cable Construction Details:
    • Number of fiber: 48 core
    • Self-support part 
    • Material: Steel wire
    • Steel wire diameter: 0.8mm*7
    • Loose tube Material: PBT
    • Diameter: Ф2.0mm±0.1mm
    • Filled element Material: PP
    • Diameter: Ф2.0mm±0.1mm
    • Central strength member Material: FRP
    • Diameter: Ф1.6mm
    • Water blocking Material 1: Water blocking yarn
    • Water blocking Material 2: Water blocking tape
    • Outer Sheath Material: PE
    • Diameter: 4.5±0.2mm * 9.5±0.3mm
    • Cable Weight: 110kg±20kg/km
    • Cable Mechanical Characteristics:
    • Temperature range: -40 to +70°C
    • Min Bending Radius (mm) Long term: 10D
    • Min Bending Radius (mm) Short term: 20D
    • Max allowable Tensile Strength (N) Long term: 2000
    • Max allowable Tensile Strength (N) Short term: 4000
    • Max allowable Crush Strength (N) Long term: 1000
    • Max allowable Crush Strength (N) Short term: 2000
    • Operation temperature (°C): -40 to +70
    • Installation temperature (°C): -20 to +60
    • Storage temperature (°C): -40 to +70
  • Bare Fiber Characteristics:
    • Attenuation:
      • 1310nm ≤0.34 ≤0.36 after cable
      • 1550nm ≤0.20 ≤0.25 after cable
      • 1383nm (after H2-aging) ≤0.34dB/km
      • 1625nm ≤0.24dB/km
    • Temperature Dependence Induced Attenuation: -60°C to +85°C ≤0.05dB/km
    • Environmental Characteristics:
      • Water Immersion Dependence induced Attenuation: 23°C for 30 days ≤0.05dB/km
      • Damp Heat Dependence Induced Attenuation: 85°C and 85% RH, for 30 days ≤0.05dB/km
  • Packaging:
    • Packing material: Wooden drum
    • Packing length: Standard length of cable is 4 km. Other lengths available upon request.
    • Marking: Cable sheath marked with white characters according to customer’s requirement.

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