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Laird Technologies R2T58W-19 RooTenna 2 panel antenna



  • The R2T58W-19 RooTenna 2 panel antenna operates within 4940-5850 NHz and was developed to allow integration of the customer’s radio equipment inside the weatherproof compartment.The expanded radio compartment is big enough to house transceivers, amplifiers, and other electronic equipment.

  • The R2T58W-19 antenna design utilizes a wideband element array over a solid square backplane for consistent performance over a wide bandwidth.

  • The housing is UV stabilized ABS plastic. The backplate is alodine coated aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. All bracket fasteners are stainless steel for corrosion protection. Included with the Roo2 is a RJ45 passthru Ethernet feedthru.

Features and Benefits:

  • RooTenna®, the antenna with a pouch!

  • Compact, low profile 19 dBi antenna gain

  • Wideband operation 4940-5850MHz

  • Includes patented RJ45-ECS ethernet connector system and

  • customer mounting plate

  • Vertical or horizontal polarization, beamwidth 15 deg

  • Available with RPSMA, RPTNC, MC Card, MMCX, RPMMCX and

  • U.FL antenna connector



  • Integrated radio/antenna units

  • High speed subscriber units

  • Amplified antennas

  • 802.11a applications


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