Mikrotik Wireless Wire Cube Pro (Us Version)



Long gone are the days when you had to rely on cables for speed and stability. 60 GHz solutions offer fiber-like speed and stability - while saving you plenty of time and money on installation and maintenance. Our latest Cube 60Pro product line is taking the advantages of 60 GHz networking to the next level – with the 802.11ay standard for even higher distances, stability, speed, and convenience.

The Cube 60Pro ac CPE allows you to establish ultra-fast point-to-point connections over distances as far as 1 km. And that’s not all – we have added Channel 5* support, so you can reach even higher distances if necessary. In our tests, the Cube 60Pro ac easily maintained a reliable connection over 2.4 km. Bridging two locations has never been easier!

You can get a preconfigured kit of two Cube 60Pro ac devices: the Wireless Wire Cube Pro. Just point the Cubes at one another and power them on! They will form a blazing fast encrypted wireless connection. Pure plug-and-play!

Technical Description

  • Product code: CubeG-5ac60ay
  • Architecture: ARM 32bit
  • CPU: IPQ-4019
  • CPU core count: 4
  • CPU nominal frequency: auto (448 - 896) MHz
  • Dimensions: 115 x 95 x 82 mm
  • RouterOS license: 4
  • Operating System: RouterOS
  • Size of RAM: 256 MB
  • Storage size: 64 MB
  • Storage type: FLASH
  • MTBF: Approximately 200'000 hours at 25C
  • Tested ambient temperature: -40°C to 70°C


  • Number of DC inputs: 1 (PoE-IN)
  • Max power consumption: 10 W
  • Cooling type: Passive
  • PoE in: 802.3af/at
  • PoE in input Voltage: 18-48 V

Wireless specifications

  • Wireless 5 GHz Max data rate: 433 Mbit/s
  • Wireless 5 GHz number of chains: 1
  • Wireless 5 GHz standards: 802.11a/n/ac
  • Antenna gain dBi for 5 GHz: 11.5
  • Wireless 5 GHz chip model: IPQ4019
  • Wireless 5 GHz generation: Wi-Fi 5


  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports: 1


  • GNSS standards: GPS

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