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Orientek K330 Optical Fiber Tester Mini OTDR Single Mode 1310/1550nm visible continuous/modulated red light laser



Model: K330

                                  Optical Fiber Tester

  • Benefits and Features

Invaluable options supporting installation and maintenance works

  • 15 Hours Battery Operation

Imagine working an entire work shift at your remote work site without worrying a . bout running out of battery power. The K330’s powerful Li-Ion battery 4200mah will last for an amazing 18 hours under the Telcordia standard conditions and 10 hours even with the laser continuously turned  on!

  • Fiber Inspection Probe

Taking the time to properly inspect a fiber-optic connector using a Orientek fiber inspection probe can prevent a host of issues from arising further down the line, thus saving you time, money and  trouble.

  • Visible Light Source

 Visible, continuous/modulated red light laser. Invaluable test instrument for checking continuity of  patchcords, launch fibers, or short fiber trunks. Breaks and bendings in fiber can be identified visually as the visible light exits the fiber on such fault events.

  • K330 Emulation Software

Powerful post-processing software. Analyzing/editing trace data on a PC. The Report Creation Wizard function provides a step-by-step guidance for users in generating comprehensive reports in a printable format

  • Central Wave Length    

1310nm/1550nm ± 20nm

  • Type of Compatible Applicable Fibres


  • Dynamic range


  • Min. event deadzone


  • Ranging accuracy

±(1m+sampling interval+0.003%×distance)(excluding refractive index imbedding error)

  • Resolution of ranging


  • Loss threshold value


  • Linearity


  • VFL output power    

10mW (only integrated in K330)

  • Measurement range

0.3, 1, 3, 5, 10, 30, 60, 120km (single-mode)

  • Pulse width

5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 10240ns

  • Number of sampling points


  • Waveform storage capacity

1000 frames

  • Range of refractive index    


  • Range of optical-cable correction factor


  • LCD display    

3.5” color LCD

  • Port


  • Optical output port

FC/UPC (SC/UPC optional)

  • Power supply

AC input: 100V∼240V(1.5A)
Output DC: 9V(2A) Power  frequency: 50Hz∼60Hz

  • Internal lithium battery: 7.4V, 4200mAh

Working hours of battery: 15 hours (normal temperature)

  • Menu language


  • Environmental requirements    

Storage temperature: -40?∼70?(exclusive of battery) Relative humidity: 5%-95%, no condensation

  • Dimensions    


  • Weight

About 1kg

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