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Orientek T45

Orientek Fiber Fusion Splicer FTHH Fusion Splicing Machine



Orientek T45 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

Core Alignment Fusion Splicer T45 Economical Solution for Integrated Fiber Preparation Tool Demand

Orientek T45 Core Alignment Fusion Splicer T45 Economical Solution for Integrated Fiber Preparation Tool Demand.

  • Features
    • 4.3-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen.
    • 320 times image magnification,5mm fusion splicing for fibers of ultra-short cutting length
    • 300 groups of fusion splicing modes,100 groups of heating modes
    • USB and SD card interfaces, U-disk automatic software upgrade
    • Built-in modular lithium battery, support 330 times of splicing and heating.
    • 7s fast fusion splicing,18s highly efficient heating.
    • Precise fiber core alignment,ultra-low fiber fusion splicing consumption.
    • 10000 groups of fusion records,64 images storage.
    • Ceramic presser foot, ceramic V-block, all-in-one fixture
    • Dual-direction splicing, automatic splicing, intelligent pyrocondensation
  • Highlights
      • 0.25mm/0.9mm/3.0mm/flat/drop cable
      • 4,000 times spliciling without exchange.Led lighting,easy to use in dim environment.
      • the key is waterproof and dustproof. Comfortable hand feeling.
      • USB,SD,External Power.Silica gel pads are more effective in protecting machines.


  • 120mm × 130mm × 154mm - (without rubber anti-vibration pad)


  • 1.59kg (host engine)
  • 0.37kg (battery)

Technical Description

  • Alignment method: Precise core alignment and cladding alignment
  • Applicable fibers: Any common optical fibers, rubber-insulated fibers and jumpers that meet requirements of ITU-TG.651~653,ITU-TG.655 and ITU-TG.657
  • Optical fiber diameter
    • Cladding: 80~150mm
    • Coatinglayer:0.1~3mm
  • Cutting length
    • 5-16mm(coated optical fiber diameter ≤250μm)
    • 10mm(coated optical fiber diameter:0.25~3mm)
  • Fusion splicing consumption(typical value)
    • 0.02dB(SMF)
    • 0.01dB(MMF)
    • 0.04dB(DSF)
    • 0.04dB(NZDSF)
  • Retum loss: Better than 60dB
  • Fusion splicing time (typical value): 7s
  • Heating time(typical value): 18s
  • Pulling force test:1 1.96~2.25N
  • Thermal shrinkage tube
    • 60mm
    • 40mm
    • A series of thermal shrinkage tubes
  • Graphical display: High-performance 4.3 inch lcd
  • Magnification time: 320 times/88 times
  • Fusion splicing record: 10000 groups
  • Battery capacity: 11.1V, 6800mAh, typical value offusion splicing and thermal cycle is 330 times
  • Battery service life: Cycle charging times reach 300-500, can be replaced by customers
  • Electrode service life: Typical value is 4000 times, can be replaced by customers
  • Construction lighting: Built-in lights with high-brightness and wide lighting area
  • Working environment:
    • Temp: -10~50℃
    • Hum: 0~95%RH
    • Height above sealevel: 0~6000m
  • Operation interfaces: GUI graphical operation interfaces
  • External power
    • AC:AC100~240V, 60Hz, 0~1.5A
    • DC:DC10~15v
  • External: port USB/SD

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Orientek T45