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Orientek FTTX Network Universal Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Termination Kit Metal



The TFS-35N Fiber Optic Tool Kit is a comprehensive set, containing all the tools needed for the preparation of SM or MM fiber optic cables, designed for maintenance, fusion, and safe handling. High-quality products ensure precise operation.


  • 6kg

Technical Description

  • Included Items
    • 1x Three-Hole FIS Fiber Stripper
    • 1x Fiber Cable Stripper
    • 1x Steel Cable Cutting Pliers
    • 1x Universal Cable Stripper – 4.5mm to 25mm
    • 1x Set of Interchangeable 8-in-1x Screwdrivers
    • 1x Wire Pass Clamp
    • 1x Needle-Nose Pliers
    • 1x Cutting Pliers
    • 1x Straight Tweezer – for handling small parts
    • 1x Marker Pen
    • 1x Rubber Pipette – for splicer lens cleaning
    • 1x Insulating Tape
    • 1x Utility Knife
    • 1x 3.5m Tape Measure
    • 1x 250ml Alcohol Bottle
    • 1x Box of 20 Moistened Wipes
    • 1x 6-inch Adjustable Wrench
    • 1x Set of Hex Key Wrenches – various sizes
    • 1x Precision Pliers
    • 1x Longitudinal Stripper – removes outer coating
    • 1x Emergency Flashlight
    • 1x Protective Eyewear
    • 1x Kevlar Scissors
    • 1x Carrying Case

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