Siklu PoE Injector 60W, E.L. VI, 10Gbps (100-240 AC source, US AC cable)



AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-POE-US - Type B

AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-POE is an indoor POE injector for EtherHaul™, MultiHaul™ and MultiHaul™ TG radios. This document provides the regional part numbers, the compatibility rules for the injector with Siklu radios and the specifications the POE.


  • 138.5 mm x 62.5 mm x 35.3 mm

Technical Description

  • Part Number: AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-POE-US
    • SPECIFICATIONS (all models)
      • Output + (1,2)(4,5)pins - (7,8)(3,6)pins
        • DC Voltage
          • Nominal: 55V
          • Range / Max: 52.25V to 57.75V
        • Rated current: Max 1.09A
        • Rated power: Max 60W
      • Input
        • AC Voltage
          • Nominal: 100V to 240V
          • Range / Max: 90V to 264V
        • Frequency
          • Nominal: 50Hz or 60Hz
          • Range / Max: 47Hz to 63Hz
        • Efficiency
          • Energy Level VI
          • Quiescent power ≤0.21W (no load)
        • AC Current:  Max 1000mA
      • Environment
        • Operating Temperature: 0°C TO 40°C
        • Operating Humidity:  35 to 95% RH. Noncondensing
        • Storage Temperature: -40°C TO +70°C
        • Storage Humidity: 10 to 95% RH. Noncondensing
      • Safety
        • CB/IEC 60065, IEC62368-1 EN60065, EN62368-1, UL60950-1
      • EMC
        • CE/EN55013 & EN55022; EN55024, EN55020 FCC Part15 Subpart B, Class B; ANSI C63.4
    • Radio models
      • EtherHaul™ 614T/TX & 710T/TX
        • No PoE-Out (PSE not active): AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
        • With PoE-Out (PSE active): 
          • AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE (up to 36W total power to PDs).
          • EH-95W-AC-PoE (up to 52W total power to PDs).
      • EtherHaul™ 1200T/TX, 1200F/FX & 2500F/FX
        • With PoE-Out (PSE active) / No PoE-Out (PSE not active)
          • AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
      • EtherHaul™ 8010FX
        • No PoE-Out (PSE not active): ​​​​​​​AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
      • MultiHaul™ B100 & T20x
        • ​​​​​​​AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE can be used as replacement POE for MultiHaul™ radios.
      • MultiHaul™ TG N366
        • No PoE-Out (PSE not active): ​​​​​​​AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
        • With PoE-Out (PSE active): EH-95W-AC-PoE (up to 35W total power to PDs).
      • MultiHaul™ TG T265-CNN
        • No PoE-Out (PSE not active): ​​​​​​​AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
      • MultiHaul™ TG T265-CCP
        • No PoE-Out (PSE not active): ​​​​​​​AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
        • With PoE-Out (PSE active): ​​​​​​​
          • AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE (up to 25W total power to PDs).
          • Direct DC or EH-95W-AC-PoE (up to 55W total power to PDs).
      • MultiHaul™ TG T280-CCP
        • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​No PoE-Out (PSE not active): ​​​​​​​AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE
        • With PoE-Out (PSE active):
          • AX-IN-10G-60W-AC-PoE (up to 35W total power to PDs).
          • Direct DC or EH-95W-AC-PoE (up to 65W total power to PDs).

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