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SmartCube 300W

AirLive SmartCube 300W Intelligent 3MP Wireless Cube IPCAM with PIR



The AirLive SmartCube 300W is a state of art wireless IPCAM that redefine the applications of cube cameras. Power by TI DMVA2 intelligent video processor, its hardware is truly a technological tour-de-force with 3 megapixel resolution, smart video analytics, temperature & humidity sensors, PIR human detection, and much more. The camera is easy to use with P2P, mobile wizard, application scenarios, and iOS/Android APP.

3 Megapixel Resolution:

  • Record video at full 3 megapixel resolution. That’s 10 times more resolution than VGA and 3 times more resolution than 720P HD. It can capture much more details where you need it.
  • You can also set the camera at 1080P, 1.3MP, or 720P resolutions to conserve recording space.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor:

  • Display the temperature and humidity in real-time or send you daily report. Alert you when temperature and humidity exceed or below certain value.

*The temperature and humidity will reach equilibrium 30 minutes after power up with accuracy within 5 degree for temperature and 10% for humidity.

Application Scenarios:

  • The camera comes with application scenarios such as “DoorCam Mode” and “Store Entrance Mode” that integrate software and hardware functions for home and shops. Simple select the scenario in the setup wizard and the SmartCube will take care of the rest for you.

Door Cam Mode:

  • The camera can be set to operate in Door CAM mode. The camera will automatically sound a bell ring when someone is at the front door. It will send you notification on your smartphone so you can view and even talk with the person.

Store Entrance Mode:

  • The Smartcube can count the number of customers each hour and send you the daily report. It can even ring a bell or play back voice recording when customer enter your shop and store

Built-in Microphone and Speaker:

  • With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can have 2-way voice conversation through the IP Camera. In addition, the camera can play back voices when an event occurs. The built-in sound library including bell ring, “Welcome” and “Bye bye”. But you can also upload your own voice samples.

PIR Sensor and ICR Night Vision:

  • The camera has 10 IR LEDs for night vision. It is equipped with mechanical IR cut filter that ensure color accuracy during day time. The PIR sensor detects people accurately and quickly for motion recording.

Intelligent Video Analytics:

  • Powered by TI DMVA2 intelligent video processor that is found only in high-end cameras, the SmartCube can detect faces, recognize people, count object and vehicles, or set electronic fence. All built-in without the need for external server.

Corridor Mode:

  • The Corridor video mode provide full vertical viewing angles for installation in halls and aisles.

Designed for Smartphone and Tablet PC:

  • The SmartCube is designed for easy setup and operation with mobile devices. The camera’s web wizard can automatically detect when accessed from smart phone, then load a different setup wizard formatted for mobile devices. The sophisticated APP for iOS and Android features multiple camera Live View, settings, and in-APP recording. With P2P function, the video can work through most routers.

** The P2P and Live View service is free for 2 years after purchase. Addition charge might occur afterward.

Technical Description 

  • Support 3MP, 1080P, and 720P Resolutions
  • Temperature and Humidty Sensors
  • Intelligent Video functions with TI DMVA2 video processor
  • 802.11n WiFi + Ethernet port
  • DoorCAM Mode with 2-Way Audio for Home
  • Store Entrance Mode with People Counting for Shops
  • PIR Human Detection with SD Card recording
  • Nightvision IR LEDs with ICR
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker
  • P2P with Android and iOS APP

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SmartCube 300W