Airlive Traveler3GM Wireless 11n 3G Mobile Router with Built-in Sim Card



Traveler3GM is a portable Wireless 11n HSPA travel router. With its built-in HSDPA embedded module, you can connect to the Internet anywhere without hard-wired effort. In additionon, with its high capacity 1700mAh Li-ION battery, you don’t need to worry about power supply problem anymore. In order to protect local computers, Traveler3GM supports robust SPI firewall and flexible filter rules for your requirements. Furthermore, you can easily change settings by web-based UI, and backup or restore configuration if required. Besides Traveler3GM can share mobile broadband for many people, you can also set it in modem mode if for personal use only. Lastly, Just simply connecting Traveler3GM to your PC via USB cable, it will behave as a USB 3.75G data card to dial-up to HSDPA network.

Technical Description

  • Built-in with rechargeable battery, user can surf Internet in anywhere for 2 hours, as long as 3G modem can receive 3G signal. When battery runs out the power, user just needs to plug in adapter to charge the battery again.
  • Share your 3G internet connection via wireless
  • Connect anywhere 3G mobile service is available
  • Rechargeable battery allows you using anywhere anytime
  • Built-in SIM Card module

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