Fanvil Accessory kit for PA2 SIP Paging Gateway & Video Intercom (speaker, microphone, button, and IP camera)



PA2-KIT is an accessory package for Fanvil SIP Intercom/Paging Gateway PA2.

It includes IP camera module, speaker module, microphone module and button module. You can quickly build high quality audio/video intercom equipment by PA2-KIT, eliminating the components selection, matching test and reliability test cumbersome process.


  • High reliability components, plug and play
  • 720P camera module to achieve HD video call; The lens mounting height and Angle can be adjusted to meet the requirements of various scenarios
  • High sensitivity pick up, waterproof, dustproof designed microphone module, suitable for harsh environment application
  • 5W/8Ω speaker module, satisfied the noisy environment to the demand of the high loudness of the intercom equipment
  • Waterproof and dustproof designed stainless steel button with LED indicator for better operation

Technical Description

  • Speaker
    • Functions
      • Speaker with self-adhesive layer
      • Module with dustproof, waterproof protective film
      • 5W/8Ω Waterproof loudspeaker
    • Features
      • 5W/80 Waterproof loudspeaker
      • The diameter of the horn is 57mm and 13.7mm high
      • Include 150cm Shielding wire
  • Microphone
    • Function
      • Microphone with self-adhesive layer
      • Module with dustproof, waterproof protective film
      • The sensitivity of microphone is -38dB±2
    • Features
      • Sensitivity:-38dB±2
      • Standard working voltage: 3V
      • the maximum working voltage is 10V
      • Output impedances ≤2.2KΩ
      • Diameter of the microphone is 9.7mm and the height is 4.7mm
      • Include 150cm Shielding wire
  • Button
    • Function
      • Stainless steel button with backlight
      • Protect level IP67, IK10
      • The mechanical lifetime of the button is 200,000 times
      • LED lamp lifetime is 400,000 hours
    • Features
      • The diameter of the button is 16mm and the height is 23.8mm
      • The button is self-restorable stainless steel button with 150cm shielding wire
  • IP Camera
    • Functions
      • Module with self-adhesive layer
      • 720P HD camera, support dual video stream
      • Power by PA2 LAN Port (12V DC)
      • Wide angle lens, the installation angle can be fine tuned
        • NOTE: Do not connect the POE injector /switch directly using this camera module. It will be damaged
    • Features
      • 1. 0M 1/4"H62 CMOS
        • sensor color 0.1 Lux@F1.2
        • black/white 0.01Lux@F1.2 H. 264
      • support dual stream
      • AVI
        • Main stream: 1280*720
        • Sub-stream: 704*576

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