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EasyWISP Subscriber Gateway and Network Management WISP Management Controller



The easyWISP EZ-100G Broadband Network Gateway is an entry level shelf-mounting 12volt router that implements the network access control, subscriber authentication and network management features of the cloud4WISP management system with 100Mb/s throughput. Suitable for a small tower site installations.

The EZ-100G WISP Management Controller is a plug-and-play solution with 100Mb/s throughput for WISP entrepreneurs who want to start providing a subscriber service quickly and without concern for technology. Plus easyWISP includes the FREE Cloud management system, which has NO additional charges to use for WISP administration.

EasyWISP is a technology revolution for WISP's

The easyWISP EZ-100G WISP management controller has 100Mb/s throughput and includes the Cloud WISP Management System. The EZ-100G implements the functions of subscriber access control and applies access rules. The controller also monitors the network and provides traffic stats to cloud4WISP, and in addition reports any network failures, which will generate an auto trouble ticket for the field service engineer. The Cloud incorporates all ISP/WISP functions of provisioning and activation, subscriber billing, network management, and provides a CRM portal for subscribers.

easyWISP eliminates build-out cost using advanced technology

A low cost easyWISP controller can be installed at each PtMP tower site. The WISP owner and employees login to the cloud management user interface. There is no limit to the number of easyWISP controllers that can be added to a cloud4WISP account.

How can a world-class WISP management system be FREE to use?

easyWISP system bring a new paradigm to the WISP market. New high performance server technology developments have implemented the cloud management system. This is combined with very high performance processors that are used to build each easyWISP controller, which offloads many management tasks from the Cloud.
Each easyWISP controller is autonomous in operation and receives instructions from the cloud only when the WISP makes changes.
The technology developments enable each easyWISP controller to include lifetime cloud account access when purchased so there are never any additional fees to pay for using the Cloud. No per-subscriber service charges, no maintenance fees and no software upgrade fees, all with FREE on-line support.

Key Features

  • Provisioning:
    • Add subscribers and manage the subscriber database
  • Activation:
    • Activate new subscribers onto the network
  • Hotspot access:
    • Provisioning for anonymous users
  • Multi-tier billing management:
    • Create multiple cost/performance tiers for subscribers
  • Pre-paid and post-paid billing:
    • Pre-paid subscriber and Hotspot billing plus port-paid billing for subscribers
  • Network monitoring:
    • Detection and alarm of failures in any network device or link, automatic creation of a work order to initiate the repair process
  • Reports:
    • Reporting of billing, traffic usage, inventory and monitoring alerts
  • Network equipment Inventory:
    • List all network items with functional status
  • Customer relationship management:
    • CRM portal for ISP/WISP subscribers to access account data and submit an information request ticket
  • Traffic management, maintenance:
    • Optimize data flow over the ISP/WISP network to determine the contention ratio and manage subscriber restrictions

Dimension (L×W×H)

  • 20cm x 12cm x 3cm

Technical Description

  • Throughput: 100Mb/s
  • WAN: Ethernet port 10/100
  • LAN: 4x Ethernet ports 10/100
  • Power: 12V DC, external power supply (provided) or 12V tower battery supply 25W

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