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Authonet firewall F-10 for network security improvement 80Mb/s



Businesses of every size and type are the targets of dangerous hackers. The Authonet Firewall defends any computer network from external attack while additionally allowing enforcement of access rules within the local network to prevent unauthorized devices accessing protected systems.

The Authonet Firewall acts as a Gateway to provide security services between a WAN and a LAN segment. The Firewall can be installed with the WAN connected to the public Internet to protect the entire network from attackers. Alternatively the Firewall can manage and protect a smaller section of the network.

The Authonet firewall will defend the network against threats from both the WAN and LAN side of the network. Network usage can be tracked with integrated logging of DNS Queries, Port Scans, un-authorised access attempts and Administrator events.

The Authonet Firewall integrates advanced functionality to grant access to services on the WAN side of the network based on the privileges of the accessing device. This functionality can be used to regulate access to services and is especially useful in an increasingly diverse IT environment with BYOD being the new norm.

The Authonet Firewall is easy to install and operate, reducing the need to have trained IT staff to setup and manage the network. The Authonet Firewall will meet most business security requirements.

Authonet manufactures a range of Cybersecurity products that protect any network. These include the Authonet Firewall and the Authonet IAM (Identity and Access Management). The Authonet Firewall protects the network from attackers. With the inclusion of device based authentication, IDS and logging, the administrator has complete control over the network.

  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Device Based Authentication
  • Service Management
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • DMZ
  • 1:1 NAT
  • VPN
  • Logging
  • Nominal throughput F-10: 80Mb/s
  • Ethernet: WAN (secure network) RJ-45 10/100 - LAN (user network) RJ-45 10/100
  • Dimensions: 7.8" x 4.7" x 1.2"
  • Power: 12volt external power supply, 1 amp, 110v/220v operation
  • Commercial grade equipment suitable for any ventilated environment
  • Ambient cooling is not required
  • Firewall features include port and IP blocking
  • Acts as a router giving you control of DHCP

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