WatchGuard Firebox T20 Network Security Appliance with 1 year Standard Support (International Version)



Firebox T20 Network Security Appliance with 1 year Standard Support (International Version)

  • Big Security in a Small Appliance

Perfect as a stand-alone firewall solution or as a VPN gateway for centralized traffic inspection, Firebox T20 is a small appliance that brings big security to small and home office environments.

It's no secret that attackers go for the weakest link when trying to get into a corporate network, and this is often a home office or small office user. Firebox T20 gives you a powerful tool for administering and enforcing policy across your extended network, allowing you to bring full UTM protection to remote workers and smaller sites for tighter security.

  • Protect Where You Connect

WatchGuard Firebox T20 is a small form-factor appliance that brings big security to any environment your users connect. Perfect for home and small office networks, Firebox T20 is a cost-effective security powerhouse that delivers a complete and industry-best set of threat management solutions including gateway antivirus, content and URL filtering, antispam, intrusion prevention, and application control, all in an easy-to-manage package.

  • Quick and Simple Deployment

WatchGuard RapidDeploy makes it possible to eliminate much of the labor involved in setting up a Firebox to work for your network – all without having to leave your office. RapidDeploy is a powerful, Cloud-based deployment and configuration tool that comes standard with WatchGuard Firebox appliances. Local staff simply connect the device for power and the Internet, the Internet, and the appliance simply connects to the Cloud for all its configuration settings.

  • Automation To The Core

WatchGuard Firebox T-series appliances are designed with automation to the core, allowing your IT team to do more with less. The WatchGuard Automation Core makes it possible to deploy from the Cloud, block threats, update signatures, and detect and kill malware, all without lifting a finger.

  • Network Optimization With SD-WAN

Firebox T20 makes network optimization easy. With integrated SD-WAN, you can decrease your use of expensive MPLS or 4G/LTE connections and inspect traffic from home/small offices while improving the resiliency and performance of your network.

Features & Benefits

  • 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports support high-speed LAN backbone infrastructures & gigabit WAN connections.
  • Wi-Fi capable Firebox T20-W supports the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, ensuring fast speeds for your users.
  • All logging and reporting functions included with purchase, with over 100 dashboards and reports including PCI and HIPAA.


  • UTM (full scan)
    • 2 154 Mbps
  • Firewall (IMIX)
    • 510 Mbps
  • VPN (IMIX)
    • 140 Mbps
  • HTTPS (IPS enabled, full scan)
    • 126 Mbps
  • Antivirus
    • 328 Mbps
  • IPS (full scan)
    • 271 Mbps
  • Firewall (UDP 1518)
    • 1.7 Gbps
  • VPN (UDP 1518)
    • 485 Mbps


  • Interfaces 10/100/1000
    • 5
  • I/O interfaces
    • 1 Serial/2 USB
  • Concurrent connections
    • 100,000
  • Concurrent connections (proxy)
    • 100,000
  • New connections per second
    • 8,500
  • VLANs
    • 10
  • WSM licenses (incl)
    • 0
  • TDR Host Sensors included
    • 5


  • Branch Office VPN
    • 10
  • Mobile VPN
    • 10


  • Firewall
    • Stateful packet inspection, TLS decryption, proxy firewall
  • Application proxies
    • HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, DNS, TCP/UDP, POP3S, SMTPS, IMAPS and Explicit Proxy
  • Threat protection
    • DoS attacks, fragmented & malformed packets, blended threats
  • Filtering options
    • Browser Safe Search, Google for Business


  • Site to Site
    • VPN IKEv2, IPSec, Policy and Route Based Tunnels, TLS hub and spoke
  • Remote Access
    • VPN IKEv2, IPSec, L2TP, TLS

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