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Guest Internet GIS-R40 Multi-WAN Wi-Fi Hotspot Gateway for Businesses 1000 Users



Model: GIS-R40

Guest Internet Hotspot Gateway GIS-R40 Multi-WAN Wi-Fi for Businesses 

Controlled access to the Internet for up to 1000 guests

The GIS-R40 has 8-ports, 4-port 10/100 are dedicated o WAN connections, and 4 Gigabit ports dedicated to four isolated LAN subnets. The port configurations can be changed to have up to seven WAN ports configured. 

  • The GIS-R40 can also be used to connect wired hotel rooms where a switch must be added to connect more cables to the LAN ports. The GIS-R40 can be used to connect business center computers and Internet kiosks, and is ideal for an Internet café that provides Internet. Any type of wireless access point can be connected to the GIS-R40 and provide managed WiFi Internet for laptops, netbooks, smart phones and any WiFi enabled device.
  • The GIS-R40 is designed for larger hotels and resorts, however it is also suitable for many other types of businesses and events that provide Internet access as a service to the public such as a large trade show. The GIS-R40 can be installed with multiple wireless access points to provide WiFI Internet throughout a large building.
  • GIS-R40 Internet access gateway with 300 Mb/s throughput, recommended for up to 1000 users, Gb quadl-WAN ports and Gb dual-LAN independent subnets. Monitor up to 260 wireless access points. Block illegal downloads and charge credit cards.
  • Plug and play wizard
  • Customisable login page
  • Access code generation
  • Login authentication
  • Disclaimer text editor
  • Content filtering (OpenDNS)
  • Bandwidth (speed) control
  • Quad Hotspot gateways (zones)
  • Remote management
  • PayPal® & credit card billing
  • Usage and billing reports
  • URL, IP and MAC filters
  • Port forwarding
  • Configuration backup/restore
  • Access code API
  • Dual WAN load balance/failover

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