Guest Internet


Guest Internet Outdoor Hotspot wireless gateway 100 Mb/s throughput



Popular in 65+ countries, the GIS-K7 is a plug-and-play hotspot controller renowned for its ease of installation and user-friendly interface. Designed for industrial and home applications, it offers seamless internet access control through a customizable login page. With the ability to share the internet service among multiple users, the GIS-K7 enhances user satisfaction and productivity, while providing options for free public internet or paid access with voucher printing methods

The GIS-K7 supports multi-site installations and seamless roaming between wireless units, making it ideal for implementing a mobile broadband network. It offers an API for integration with PMS and PoS management applications, including a point-of-sale interface. Enjoy free online support, cloud services, and software upgrades, along with a cloud system for failure monitoring, remote management, and analytics of use. With no monthly or annual fees, the GIS-K7 delivers long-range wireless performance and can be customized to promote and grow your business.

Experience the power and versatility of the GIS-K7 by Guest Internet. Take control of internet access, boost user satisfaction, and ensure a secure online environment with this high-performance hotspot controller.

  • Popular in 65+ countries.
  • A high-performance multi-functional Hotspot controller that is plug and play, very easy to install and use.
  • Business owners can control Internet access through a login page.
  • Share the Internet service between many users and improve user satisfaction and productivity with easy Internet access.
  • Provide free public Internet or charge for the service with voucher printing methods to give or sell access codes.
  • Sell Internet access on-line with Paypal(R) CC billing.
  • Brand the customizable login page to promote and grow your business.
  • No limit to the numbers of users.
  • Advanced cyber-security, content control and filtering.
  • Protection from hackers with malware detection minimizing business liability.
  • Supports multi-site installations with roaming between wireless units to implement a mobile broadband network.
  • API for integration of PMS & PoS management applications.
  • Includes a point of sale interface for applications such as Internet cafes.
  • FREE online support, cloud service and software upgrades.
  • FREE cloud system for failure monitoring, remote management and analytics of use.
  • NO monthly or annual fees.
  • Long range wireless 802.11/N, 300Mb/s performance.

Key Features


The GIS-K7 is suitable for hotel outdoor areas, RV parks, public parks, campgrounds and mobile broadband networks for towns and cities.


Guest Internet products have new generation software that is easier to use, has faster performance and adds a range of new features that include cellular roaming and VLAN.


Guest Internet customers can now build very large networks with many wireless units, each connected to a different ISP, which will allow customers to roam from one antenna to the next. The advanced GIS Cloud software manages roaming to handoff a customer from one antenna to the next. The feature permits deployment of a mobile broadband service.

Dimension (D×H)

  • 4.5cm x 42cm


  • 0.5lbs

Technical Description

  • Gateway Features
    • Cloud management (optional)
    • Plug and play with the setup wizard
    • Firewall Blocks access from LAN to WAN
    • Local and remote configuration
    • Content filtering with Open DNS
    • Download/Upload speed control
    • Allowed IP and MAC addresses
    • Free and controlled Internet access
    • Schedule to set availability
    • Access point failure monitoring
    • Peer to peer (P2P Torrent) blocking
    • Email login for data collection
  • Authentication
    • No limit to the number of users
    • Throughput: up to 100Mb/s
    • Access code database: 10000
  • API for POS interface
    • POS integration to sell access codes,
    • create,delete, view and manage via HTTP
  • Ethernet
    • WAN: RJ-45 10/100
  • Wireless
    • Wireless port: 802.11/n, 300Mb/s
    • 2.4GHz to 2.484GHz
    • RF Power output: +27dBm (800mW)
    • Polarization: Vertical
    • 6 dBi Omnidirectional antenna, ceiling mount
  • Power
    • 24v 110v/220v PoE supply 12W
    Login page options
    • Unique user code login
    • Purchase code with PayPal or credit/debit card
    • Voucher edit/print for cash sale
    • Social Media login with Facebook
    • Login with Email for data capture
    • Disclaimer mode
    • Open access mode
  • Customization
    • Custom branding with the login page generator
    • Upload custom background image
    • Full customization with HTML and CSS login pages. 
      • Uploaded via the admin interface

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