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Guest Internet GIS-K7 outdoor Hotspot Gateway



Guest Internet makes low-cost Wireless product that tens of thousands of people are using to make money by selling access to the internet.

Guest Internet has developed advanced technologies that enable non-technical people to start businesses that sell Internet access to the public. A small Internet business such as Wireless Internet Service Provider (micro-WISP) can generate good profits by selling speed controlled Internet access directly to the public for cash payments using the voucher feature.

Micro-WISP businesses sell Internet access to the public at low prices and therefore must have the lowest possible financial investment without need for advanced technical knowledge. Guest Internet wireless products meet the requirements of Micro-WlSP’s with low cost powerful products that have  advanced features. Guest Internet products include several methods to monetize the sale of Internet access services. A popular method to sell Internet access is by designing and printing vouchers that can be sold for cash payments, as shown in the diagram. Other methods of selling Internet to the public such as credit card billing are also available.

Custom Login Pages

  • Create custom login pages to increase brand awareness and offer promotions.

Free Cloud Management

  • Manage Users, codes and settings for multiple sites remotely from a single location

Very easy and simple configuration

  • No technical knowledge is required, the setup wizard leads you through the configuration

Several methods to monetize Internet access

  • Select one of many different options to provide Internet access for guests and visitors

Micro-WlSP's can print Internet access vouchers

  • A micro-WISP business can monetize the Internet service through the cash sale of vouchers

Free  technical  support

  • Guest Internet is the only manufacturer that provides free online technical support for customers

No other costs after purchase:

  • support is free, upgrades are free, no charge for annual software licenses, no payment processing fees, no other charges ever

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