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Guest Internet GIS-K1 4-port Switch Wi-Fi Hotspot Gateway 25 Concurrent Users integrated wireless access point

Sales price: $75.00


  • The GIS-K1 offers the lowest-cost approach to providing managed Internet access for restaurants, coffee bars and motel/hotel lobbies.
  • The GIS-K1 can be installed in any other small business that has to provide wireless Internet access for the public.
  • The GIS-K1 wireless unit is suitable for small installations such as bars and restaurants, and provides a good area of wireless coverage.
  • Installing the GIS-K1 product is simple: connect the unit to the Internet and power it up.
  • A computer wireless connection is made to ‘Hot Spot’ and then a browser is opened.
  • The browser screen shows the setup wizard. The GIS-K1 can provide free Internet access with a disclaimer.
  • The disclaimer text was prepared according to US Federal law, however it can be edited to include local laws and restrictions.
  • Low cost HSIA gateway
  • Plug and play: easy to use wizard speeds installation
  • Custom login page with client branding; choose from 10 backdrops or create your own design
  • Free access with disclaimer; the legal disclaimer can be edited
  • Controlled access uses codes that are generated and managed on the unit; charge for Internet service or give it free
  • Access code usage reporting to track Internet utilization
  • A firewall protects the business network for PCI DSS compliance
  • Remote configuration
  • QoS overall bandwidth control, with bandwidth settings for each code
  • Content filter blocks access to non-approved websites
  • Timer calendar blocks use when the business is closed
  • Access code API for PoS applications
  • Hotspot user isolation
  • Configuration backup and restore
  • URL and MAC filter
  • Access point failure monitoring
  • Port forwarding for remote access to wireless, CCTV

    Click Here to View Guest Internet GIS-K1 Datasheet

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