Guest Internet Ticket Printer for use with any Guest Internet Hotspot Gateway



Operation of Internet Wi-Fi Hotspots

Many Internet Wi-Fi hotspots are configured so that users are required to enter an access code to connect to the Internet. This procedure prevents unauthorized users from gaining Internet access. Guest Internet gateways feature a dedicated page for generating access codes, allowing them to be downloaded to a spreadsheet and printed on labels. GIS gateways also have an application programming interface (API) that enables point of sale (POS) systems to request an access code and print it on the POS ticket printer.

The GIS-TPI now provides an alternative to print access codes on demand when a user requests a code. This greatly simplifies the management of access codes, as there is no longer a need to generate a large number of codes and then print them using traditional computer methods. Hotels now have the ability to print access codes for guests at the reception desk or through the concierge, while coffee bars can provide access codes to guests upon making a purchase.

Codes are printed using the touchscreen of a tablet computer. This can be a low-cost Android tablet with a 7-inch display screen or an Apple iPad tablet. Up to ten access codes can be pre-configured and appear as buttons on the tablet computer screen.

Plug and Play Installation

Similar to other Guest Internet gateway products, the ticket printer is very easy to install and operate. Connect the ticket printer to a LAN port of the GIS gateway using a switch. Wireless access points will also be connected to the GIS gateway using the same switch.

Next, configure the ticket printer using the GIS administrator page to select up to ten access code durations as ticket options. Create a new login password for the tablet computer's login.

Finally, connect the tablet computer's wireless to the GIS gateway via the wireless access point. Open the browser and access the ticket printer login page. The ticket select buttons are then displayed on the screen.

  • Low cost solution to print guest tickets with access codes
  • The printer is a robust model designed for point of sale terminals and prints on 58mm thermal paper that can be purchased anywhere
  • The printer connects directly to any GIS gateway using Ethernet cable
  • The ticket access can be selected from one of ten options, and access code duration can be selected from 30 minutes to 180 days
  • The printer can be used in conjunction with a point of sale terminal or standalone
  • Any tablet can be used for ticket selection: from a 7inch Android tablet to an iPad
  • The ticket access code to be printed is selected using a tablet touch display connected to the GIS gateway
  • The GIS-TP1 adds access code ticket printing to any GIS hotspot gateway product.
    • (Compatible: GIS-R10, GIS-R2, GIS-R20, GIS-R4, GIS-R6, GIS-R3, GIS-R40)
  • GIS-TP1 Ticket printer which prints access codes when used with any GIS gateway.
    • Requires 55mm thermal paper.
    • All GIS gateways include PoS software for use with the GIS-TP1 ticket printer


  • 15cm x 23cm x 13cm

Technical Description

  • Ticket Printer Features
    • 58mm thermal receipt printer
    • Configure business name
    • Configure greeting message
    • Access code is 6 digits
    • Data connection is Ethernet
  • Ethernet
    • LAN RJ-45 10/100
  • Operation
    • Suitable for installation in
    • any business environment
  • Power
    • 12v 110v/220v supply 12W

NOTE: A tablet computer is required to operate the ticket printer via the ticket interface (not supplied)

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