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Orientek Fast Connector Assembly Optical SC/APC



The screw type fiber optic fast connector is field installable optical fiber conector that can be used for 2*3.0mm flat drop cable and 3.0mm round cable. The filed connector requires no epoxy and no polishing. Using this onsite assembly optical connector, it is possible to improve the flexibility of optical wiring design as well as reducing the time required for fiber termination. The Fast connector series are already a popular solution for optical wiring inside buildings and floors for LAN & CCTV applications and FTTH.


  • FTTx fiber optic data transmission
  • Optical access network
  • Field Repair/Replacement
  • Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks


  • High performance ferrule, high optical and Mechanical performance.
  • Fast and easy termination of rectangular section FTTH drop cable
  • No polishing or adhesives required
  • Terminate cable to exact required length
  • Can be re-opened up to 5 times
  • Simple to assemble with our guide rail tool
  • Applied to 2.0mm×3.0mm flat drop cable and 2.0mm or 3.0mm round drop cable
  • Easy to operate, fast to assemble, high success rate, long time of using, easy maintenance.

Technical Description

  • Coating Diameter: 250μm
  • Mode: SM
  • Insertion Loss: ≤ 0.3dB(1310nm & 1550nm)
  • Return Loss: ≤ -50dB for UPC, ≤ 55dB for APC
  • Success Rate: >98%
  • Reusable Times: >5 times
  • Tighten Strength of Naked Fiber: >5 N
  • Tensile Strength: >30 N
  • Temperature: -40 ~ +85 C
  • On-line Tensile Strength Test (20 N): IL ≤ 0.3dB
  • Mechanical Durability(500 times): IL ≤ 0.3dB
  • Drop Test: IL ≤ 0.3dB

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