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Tycon 11-60VDC IN. 56V 90W 802.3bt PoE OUT. DC to DC Converter and 5G 802.3bt PoE Injector. DIN Rail Mount



The TPDIN-1256GD-BT is a high power DCDC converter and up to 5Gbps PoE injector with a wide voltage input range (11-60VDC), a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +70C) and a high power 802.3bt 90W output. 

The unit has dual DC inputs for primary and backup power sources. The input to output is isolated so the unit can accept -48VDC Input, making it compatible with legacy telecom systems. The green DC connector is a locking type that accepts wires up to 12AWG. The “FG” input is used to provide chassis or earth ground. 

The device is fan-less and uses natural air flow for cooling. It mounts to a standard DIN Rail commonly used in industrial installations. 


  • 11-60VDC Input, 802.3bt 90W Output 
  • Industrial Temperature Range: -40 to +70C 
  • Up to 5Gigabit Data Passthru with Surge Protection 
  • DIN Rail Mounting


  • 12VDC and 24VDC Remote Power Systems 
  • 48VDC or -48VDC Remote Power Systems 
  • IEEE802.3bt Industry Standard Device Power from Batteries

Dimensions (LxWxD)

  • 125 x 66 x 102 mm (4.9” x 2.6” x 4”)


  • 0.6kg (1.30lb)

Technical Description

  • Input Voltage 11V to 60VDC, Dual Inputs
  • Input Current
    • 9.86A @11VDC IN (Full Load)
    • 4.446 @ 24VDC IN (Full Load)
    • 2.26A @ 48VDC IN (Full Load)
  • Output Voltage IEEE802.3bt 56VDC ; Load Reg = 5%, Line Reg = 1%
  • Output Current / Max Watts
    • 1.67A / 95W with 34VDC to 60VDC Input
    • 1.43A / 80W with 11VDC to 33VDC Input
  • Ripple & Noise 1%
  • Efficiency >90% at 34-60VDC Input ; >86% at 11-33VDC Input
  • Protections Short Circuit, Reverse Voltage
  • Over Current Protection 802.3bt Class 8 (96.6W)
  • Low Voltage Detect (LVD) Device with stop drawing all current when input voltage drops below 8~9VDC
  • Misc Protections Short Circuit, Reverse Voltage
  • Data PassThrough 10/100/1000/5000Mbps ; Gigabit
  • Data Protection
    • Pin to Pin (1-2, 3-6, 4-5, 7-8)
    • Clamp Voltage: 3.3V
    • ESD, IEC61000-4-2: +/- 30KV contact and air
    • EFT, IEC61000-4-4: 40A (5/50us)
    • Lightning, IEC61000-4-5: 15A (8/20us)
  • Connections Removable Wire Terminal
  • Wire Size 12AWG Max
  • LED Function 
    • Green Power LED = Input Power is OK
    • RJ45 Green LED = 802.3bt negotiation and output is OK
  • Mounting DIN Rail
  • Operating Temperature -40C to +70C (-40F to 158F)
  • Humidity (RH) 5% - 90% Non-Condensing
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) 125 x 66 x 102 mm (4.9” x 2.6” x 4”)

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