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Ubiquiti SmartPower Strip (6 ports) (US Version)



The SmartPower Strip is a WiFi connected power strip installed between an AC outlet and the power plugs of your internet connectivity hardware.

The UniFi Network application continuously monitors availability of an internet connection. If the connection drops, the UniFi SmartPower Strip automatically restarts the connected devices by disconnecting power for a short period of time*. The UniFi SmartPower Strip offers six power control outlets for 125VAC devices (up to 1250W total). Four USB Type C ports can charge smartphones, reading lights, and other devices (up to 1.5A per port).


  • Reboots internet devices when UniFi Network application detects offline status
  • Works with internet devices featuring US AC plug, including cable modems, DSL routers, and optical network terminals
  • Adopt via WiFi using UniFi Network application
  • (6) Power control outlets (125V, 1250W max. total)
  • (4) USB Type C ports, 1.5A max. per port, 20W max. total
  • Integrated circuit breaker

Managed with the UniFi Network application: Version 5.14.20 and later

*This device requires a UniFi WiFi connection from a UniFi gateway.

Technical Description

Processor Specs    

  • ESP8266, 32-bit Tensilica LX106 Core, 160 MHz

Memory Information    

  • 4 MB Flash

Management Interface    

  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

Networking Interface    

  • 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi

Power Output    

  • (6) Power Control Outlets,125V, 1250W Max. Total
  • (4) USB Type C Ports, 1.5A Max. per Port, 20W Max. Total


  • (1) Factory Reset
  • (1) Circuit Breaker


  • (1) Power, Blue/White
  • Flashing White: Bootup in Progress
  • Flashing Blue: Firmware Upgrading
  • Steady White: Factory Defaults, Awaiting Adoption
  • Steady Blue: Device is Adopted

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