Cambium Networks Gigabit Ethernet Surge Suppressor 56V Wireless broadband solution



Model: C000000L033A

                                                                                       Cambium Gigabit Ethernet Surge Suppressor 56V 

Cambium Networks designs outdoor wireless broadband solutions to operate in the toughest of environments. Lightning strikes are the most typical cause of system outages or failures of mast-mounted equipment especially when mounted as high as 300m. The Gigabit Ethernet Surge Suppressor is critical for lightning protection to minimize the potential for damage.

Network operators should always follow best-practices for grounding and lightning protection. Doing so will minimize network outages and reduce the associated costs of tower climbs and equipment repair/replacement.

The Gigabit Ethernet Surge Suppressor is compatible with the PMP 450i (Access Point and Subscriber Module), PTP 450i and PTP 820S. The unit ships suitable for mounting to a wall or pole.


  • Transfer Rate - 1000 Base T
  • Connectors - Two x RJ-45
  • Nominal Voltage - 56V
  • Protection Mode - Line-to-line and line-to-ground
  • Surge Arrestor - TVS Diodes ( Transient Voltage Suppression for longer operational life )
  • Surge Current Rating, L-G, total - 172A, 10/1000us
  • Response time - 5 nanoseconds typical
  • Mounting - Pole mount or wall mount
  • Dimensions - 4.6 in. x 3.4 in. x 1.8 in. (118mm x 87.5mm x 46.5mm)
  • Weight - 0.34 lbs (156 gm)
  • Environmental protection - IP54 ( Dust and Water Intrusion Protection )

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