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SKU: DLI-PRO - Web Power Switch Pro Model

Instantly reboot, start or stop equipment in remote locations. Reboot access points, modems or routers securely from your web browser. Save power. Simplify wiring. Automate. Control power over the web from anywhere. Securely access one Pro or hundreds from a seamless interface. Create user accounts for mobile devices. Limit user account priviledges to selected circuits. Eliminate overloads, brown-outs, blown breakers and other power problems before they occur. Start devices in sequence automatically to avoid inrush current problems. Use the internal clock to schedule events and minimize power consumption. Command your switch through a friendly web interface, via a Lua script, from a command line, or from your own application via a simple RESTful API. Customize the web pages and operation. The “Auto-Ping” feature monitors critical network devices, such as APs. telecom equipment, servers and routers. If a device goes down, the power controller will automatically reboot it with no user intervention. “Locked-up” devices are brought back to life. Truck rolls are eliminated.


  • Control routers, APs, reouters, appliances, IT equipment - any AC powered device. The internal web server gives you manual or automated control from anywhere.
  • Simple, reliable, plug-and-play operation. Sets up in minutes. Robust. Easy to use.
  • Enable the Auto-Ping feature to intelligently reboot a locked-up AP, router, VoIP phone, server, IP cam or other device automatically, even during WAN outages.
  • Internal clock for programmed scheduling. Keypad for local control. Ethernet for bulletproof connectivity. WiFi may be enabled as a client or access point.
  • Fully programmable using Lua scripts. Customize it.
  • Eight individual 15 Amp circuits are switched. Two unswitched outlets are always on.
  • 10/100 autosensing plug-and-play Ethernet connection allows reliable connection anywhere on your LAN, WAN, or over the Internet.
  • Power recovery options add safety and flexibility: timed, sequential on, all-off, last state, program control, etc.
  • Lowest power draw of any competitive product 4 watts!
  • Quality 6 foot C-19 to 5-15 cord included. Others optional.
  • Extensive standards support: Rest API, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, SSH, Curl, SNMP, Lua, MQTT, IFTTT, Alexa and more. Open-source development encouraged.


  • Outside: 1.6x5.8x13"
  • Between mounting holes: 12.3"


  • 4.5lbs (2,04 Kg)

Technical Description

  • Alert Beeper: 73dBa at 12". Programmable.
  • Applications: 120V Commercial, industrial, and residential remote power control and reboot. Indoor use only.
  • Circuit Breaker: Manual reset, 15A Thermal, UL
  • Clock / RTC: 15 year Li battery, NTP support
  • Control / Display: Reset -to-factory-default switch 2x16 Backlit LCD w/ PowerSave
  • FLASH / SDRAM: 128Mb, 64MB
  • Enclosure: Aluminum chassis, double grounded. Injection molded high-temp thermoplastic base plate. Vented 2 sides. Fanless.
  • Ethernet Interface: 10/100 autosensing, Static IP, TCP port selectable, 8 pin RJ-45 w/ internal FCC filtering
  • FCC Testing / ID: Part 15 S/D FCC ID: 2ACOE‐ SKW71, IC: 20742‐SKW71
  • Humidity: 8-80% RH Operating
  • Input Power Cord: Removable C19 14AWG 6' length standard, others avail.
  • Input and Outlet Rating: UL, CSA 15A, 120VAC only
  • Input Frequency: 50-400Hz
  • Operating Temperature -30º to 170ºF, -34º to 77ºC
  • Options - User: Right-Angle 19" rack-mount  mounting plate.
  • Options - OEM
    • Internal TTL serial devices Min. Order Qty. Applies
    • Custom labeling
  • Outlet Switching 8 individually switched circuits, 2 unswitched (always on)
  • Power Dissipation 3.9W Typ Max (all on) <3 W idle
  • Power Fail Hold-Over 350ms minimum (all relays on)
  • Power-Up Modes Last used settings, all power on or off, sequential on, or start Lua program scripts.
  • Power Supply Rating 90-240V, AC/DC Autosensing
  • Protocalls Supported HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, SSL, Rest API, Lua, Amazon Echo / Alexa
  • Rack Mount Version P/N EPCR7 - Call 408 330-5599
  • Relay Contact Spec 25-40A AC, 1HP
  • Software Controls Individual outlets on/off, all on/off/cycle. Net settings, Web UI
  • Surge Protection 3600J Metal Oxide Varistor

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