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NetPoint NP11 11ghz Modular Antenna Backhaul



NetPoint's NPX11-DP-3FT super high performance dish antenna is designed to work with very high performance in both licensed bands with excellent gain. The NPX11-DP-3FT exceptional VSRW performance in the 10.1 to 11.7 GHz operating band. The antenna comes pre-assembled and ready to install, as well as an integrated radome for high performance and reliable operation in the most demanding conditions. This 3-foot parabolic antenna can be used for PTP backhaul.

High-end backhaul antennas, designed with super high quality material to work in the most difficult conditions, noise saturation or salty environment. 10 -11 GHz extended frequency design.

The NetPoint NP11 is an ideal antenna for backhaul in the 10 to 11 GHz licensed bands for all carriers looking for stability and data transfer where the 5 GHz band is no longer an option, remembering that this band in some countries requires a licence to operate.


  • Gain of up to 38 dBi with low VSWR and high port isolation across the entire 10.1-11.7 GHz band
  • One antenna that covers 10 and 11 Ghz
  • Reduced interference with 38 dB minimum front to back
  • Simplifies installation on site and guarantees “factory-tested” quality
  • Direct waveguide


  • 41.33 x 39.76 x 27.95in (105cm X 101cm X 71cm)

Weight (Kg)

  • 45.19lb (20.5kg)

Technical Description

  • Eletric Specifications
    • Antenna type: Parabolic Antenna
    • Frequency: 10.1 - 11.7 Ghz
    • Connector type: Direct waveguide
    • Gain (dBi): 37, 37.5, 38 - 10.1GHz, 11.2GHz and 11.7GHz
    • VSWR HPOL: <2.0
    • Beamwidth VPOL: >2.0°
    • Beamwidth HPOL: <2.0°
    • Radius F/B (dB): 45 dB
    • Polarization: Vertical - Horizontal
    • Impedance (Ohms): 50
  • Mechanical Specifications
    • Wind max survival speed (MPH): 74.56 miles with Radome
    • Azimuth adjustment: +/- 20°
    • Elevation adjustment (°): +/- 20 degrees
    • Mounting Pipe Diameter, Min: 1 inch - 25.4mm
    • Mounting Pipe Diameter, Max: 2.750 inch 69.86mm
    • Operating temperature (C°): -49 to +140 F° | -45 to +60 C°

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