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Tycon Mid Span. 1A per port. Gigabit PoE Injector. 4 ports with 1-4 power sources



The TP-MS4x4 mid span PoE power sources are used for supplying PoE and data to multiple devices from a central location such as an operations room or equipment cabinet. The PoE devices feature a separate data-in port coupled with a data out/PoE port. The PoE function is considered Passive PoE and supports Gigabit Ethernet. The Midspan features Universal Voltage (MultiVolt) PoE outputs where the PoE voltage equals the input voltage. All ports can have the same PoE voltage or you can assign different voltages to different ports. This is useful for powering different devices with different PoE voltage requirements. The Midspan also allows some or all PoE ports to be reverse voltage PoE which is required by some Passive PoE devices.

PoE DC Voltage (12V-57V) is supplied on pins 4,5 (V+) and 7,8 (V-). Maximum power output per port is 1A. The individual outputs are overcurrent, over/under voltage and short circuit protected.

The midspan is DIN Rail mountable with the included DIN Rail brackets.


  • High Power, Gigabit 4 Port Midspan PoE Injector
  • Up to 1A per Individual Port
  • Surge Protection on Data In Ports
  • Universal PoE Voltage 12VDC to 57VDC.
  • Supports Different PoE Voltage on Each Port.
  • Supports Reverse Voltage on Individual Ports.
  • Powers 802.3af and Passive PoE Devices
  • DIN Rail Mountable – Includes DIN Rail adapters.
  • I.T.E. Power Supply, UL Listed


  • Wireless Access Points and Client Devices
  • IP Phone and Security Camera Systems
  • Power network devices from a central network room

Dimensions (LxWxH)

  • 90mm x 118mm x 40mm (3.5” x 4.6” x 1.5”)


  • 0.45kg (1lb)

Technical Description

  • Ethernet Standard: IEEE802.3/IEEE802.3u/IEEE802.3ab (10 base-T/100base-T/1000base-T)
  • PoE Standard: Passive PoE
  • Shielded RJ45 Ports: 4 data-in ; 4 data/PoE out
  • Max Device Distance: 100m (328ft)
  • Maximum PoE Power: Up to 1A Per Port
  • PoE Protection: Over Current, Over/Under Voltage, Short Circuit
  • LED’s: Green - A valid power device is detected on this port. Active current is >80mA. ; Red - No power device is detected on this port. ; Off - No input power, or input source in alarm condition. Alarm: voltage is more than 58VDC, or less than 10.5VDC. Alarm: current is >1A.
  • DC Power Input: 11VDC to 57VDC (Negative common)
  • Self Consumption: <5W
  • Data Input Surge Protection: IEC61000-4-2 (ESD) ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact) ; IEC61000-4-4 (EFT) 40A (5/50ns) ; IEC61000-4-5 (Lightning) 20A (8/20μs)
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +75C (-40F to 167F)
  • Operating Humidity (RH): Up to 99% , Non Condensing
  • Storage Temperature: -50C to +85C (-58F to 185F)

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